About The Saws...

I offer a choice of the following woods :

  • Right Handed
  • Left Handed

  • Ash            Ash Handle 
                            A light coloured wood with a straight course grain.

  • Oak           Oak Handle
                                  Varies in colour similar to Ash, down to a dark honey colour. Its grain can be swirling and very attractive with                                     flecks called rays across the grain.

  • Knotty Oak             Image to follow

  • Yew            Yew Handle
                                    Unfortunately out of stock, currently too expensive to buy in.

  • Walnut        Walnut Handle
                                    A soft dark brown colour. A very fine swirling grain. Feels like silk to hold.

  • Mahogany   Mahogany Handle
                                    A brown/red colour. very fine grain. 

  • Beech          Beech Handle
                                    Light colour with a soft pinkish tinge. Extremely fine grain with tiny rays and flecks in it.

  • Other woods on request. I am thinking of trying Birch plywood as a modern contemporary handle, watch out for it. Or email me your interest to spur me on!

My bread saws are made from locally sourced materials and all from the UK. The wood is cut out by hand, routed by hand, sanded and oil finish applied by hand. A truly Hand Made item. The finish of the wood is 'Rustic'  to enhance the natural grain and figuring of the wood. But in no way rough! 

 Newly made handles oiled and hanging to dry.

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