Clockwise Restorations

Welcome to the home of my Chimes Volume Reduction Mechanism (patent pending)

I'm Wayne Francis and have been repairing antique clocks since 1987 and started up my own business in 1994 here in Lincolnshire.

Please bare with me as I build this web page after overwhelming media interest in my revolutionary invention to reduce the volume of a Public or Church clock chimes after complaints have been made about them disturbing peoples night time sleep.

My mechanism is about to be installed in the Church of St Marys, Ashwell in Hertfordshire. I will be monitoring its operation and making any adjustments and fine tuning it. But it is of simple design from used and proven technology within the engineering field I work in, as well as my Clockwise Restoration business.

I will be working with North Hertfordshire District Councils Noise Abatement department to bring the volume of the quarter chimes down to the recommended World Health Organisations recommended levels for night time sleep. The unique feature of my mechanism, is its ability to be infinitely adjustable to produce any level required during night time hours and then automatically return the levels to normal full volume during the day. This is achieved using a timer to control when my mechanism works.

My Chime Volume Reduction Mechanism is an addition to the existing clock mechanism. It has minimal modifications to the clock mechanism and is a stand alone addition and could be removed leaving virtually no trace if needed. All that is need is a standard 13amp 3 pin 240v socket nearby. 

Each mechanism has to be taylor made to suit your individual clock/situation. So early contact with me to enable a site survey and a design drawn up to built a CVRM suited to you is a must.

I will continue to add and update this page daily. In the mean time, please feel free to contact me via email: 

or write to me at FairView, Pitcher Row Lane, Algarkirk, Boston, Lincs. PE20 2LJ.

For more information a google search for "Ashwell Church Chimes" will bring up lots of media stories.